Cyclos Loyalty Service Value Proposition

The Cyclos loyalty management platform enable merchants to reward customers for current purchases and to provide them with incentives for making future purchases.


Merchants retain, cross-sell, and increased customer penetration while providing a strong value proposition to the customer.


A well-designed and targeted loyalty reward programs drive profitable customer behavior, enhance consumer spending, and provide valuable data on consumer trends.


The Cyclos loyalty management system has a flexible architecture that enables issuers to keep pace with the emerging business, operational trends, and to cost effectively manage challenges related to program administration, customer acquisition, and customer retention.


Pre-built packages enable issuers to reduce program development time and maintenance costs, and frees them to focus on designing the loyalty program.


Issuers can more easily incorporate emerging technologies and consumer requirements into their loyalty program design and solutions. APIs can be used to enhance the offer management system with new capabilities and provide access to an unlimited number of channels.


Issuers are able to utilize services such as online rewards tracking and redemption options, transfer and sharing of reward points, and payment of a mix of reward points and cash.


A built-in messaging system enables issuers to send and receive messages via web, email or SMS.