Cyclos Loyalty Program Design

The loyalty management system provides the flexibility digital agencies need to evolve the right mix of program funding options and redemption options in order to become profitable.


It enables various operational parameters such as transaction types, program and funding options to be defined. It includes value parameters such as redemption options, redemption thresholds, and earning rates.


Program design options can include a mix of issuer and merchant-funded options. We support the three most commonly adopted program design options: coalitions, partnerships, and white labeling.

  • Coalition Program enables issuers to partner with merchants to distribute administrative expenses
  • Partnerships can be established between issuer rewards programs to create programs with large scale
  • Our platform can be white-labeled, enabling issuers to deliver loyalty programs without the use of our brand name


Redemption options can include points, rebates, cash back, and discounts, or a combination of these elements.

  • Rebates and Cash Back options enables participants accrue benefits from purchases that are saved up and redeemed after a set threshold or time period
  • Discount Programs provide a specified percentage or a fixed amount off on the retail purchase price
  • Points Programs enables participants to earn points by buying goods and services at participating merchants.