Cyclos Loyalty Opportunities

Enables customers to earn points on everyday retail transactions such as banking, grocery shopping, dining, fuel purchasing etc.


Provides customers with an easy way to keep track of reward
 points online and from their mobile phones.


Provides information to customers about retailers where they can earn or redeem reward points.


Provides the flexibility for merchants to implement innovative interest, event-based or lifestyle rewards to increase response rates and customer retention.


Provides the flexibility for loyalty points earned on purchases to be gifted to family and friends.


Supports coalition building where two or more issuers partner to share branding, operational costs, marketing expenses, and data ownership of a common loyalty currency.


Enables niche, interest-based coalitions consumers to earn and redeem a branded currency across a network of merchants within a specific category of businesses.


Supports the deployment of regional coalitions, which encourage participants to patronize local businesses, and earn points on everyday purchases toward merchandise rewards or discounts.