Cyclos Business Insights

Payment services generate a large quantity of customer data. This data is a mix of transactional, historical, as well as qualitative and quantitative.


Such a large amount of varied data needs to be stored in an integrated data warehouse, and easily accessible to data mining and analytics applications.


Business intelligence and data management capabilities enable issuers to gain insights into the operation of their loyalty programs from the data collected. This provides the actionable information needed to improve program economics and offering design.


Analytics can be used to  improve customer segmentation, enable the targeting of profitable customers and tailoring of program offerings to meet the end consumer needs.


Business intelligence uses data mining tools to transform raw data and provide valuable insights into customer spend behavior, leading to better targeting of loyalty programs.


Analytics and Business intelligence helps to identify customers based on spend behavior and customer segmentation. This knowledge is essential to target the right customers with appropriate, individualized program offerings.


Our data management capabilities are central, and have been designed to improve the relevance and timeliness of the delivery of program offerings.