Custom designed for your business

Awesome Capabilities

  • SMS, Mobile App and Online Banking
  • Mobile Point of Sale Services
  • Loyalty Rewards, Vouchers and e-Ticketing
  • Integrated Retail Marketplace
  • Contactless Smart Card
  • API Integration with 3rd Party Systems
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Hassle Free Service

  • Our Cyclos eMoney designers can design bespoke services
  • Our Cyclos developers can implement custom applications
  • Our cloud architects can manage your live applications
  • Our support team can support your customers and end users
  • Our partner network enables us to offer a range of services
Features Blog


Make and receive payments, check account balance by SMS


Mobile App

Access advanced mobile banking services from the mobile app



Place orders and make online marketplace purchases



Integrate eMoney services into partner websites

Value Proposition to Your Clients

Integrated Loyalty Rewards to Attract and Retain Customers

Email Marketing

Send marketing emails to individuals and groups

Invite Users

Reward users for loyalty and inviting new customers

Offer Cashback

Offer cashback redeemable by network merchants

Award e-Points

Award loyalty points redeemable for reward vouchers

What is the role of the innovation partner?

We are your innovation partner. We work with you to design and implement the services you require.

How much does the services cost?

We work with our clients to assess the business opportunity and design a win-win partnership where we get paid from the revenue generated.

How long does it take to launch a service?

We have invested significant resources in optimizing and automating the deployment of our platform services. This allows us to launch most programs in weeks.

What technical skills do I need?

You do not need any technical skills. Our team of Cyclos architects, application developers and support engineers will handle all of the complex technical tasks

Can I try the service?

Our goal is to enable as many potential clients to experience our services before making a commitment to partner. We work with each client to overcome any obstacles to adoption by demonstrating our capabilities and in some instances, working on joint Proof of Concept programs

Feature Highlights

Make payments, redeem vouchers and check balance via SMS

Scan QR code to make payment or redeem voucher

Process contactless card payments with a mobile phone

Use eMoney to make payments from any eCommerce website


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